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When we started VOLT, we knew there was a gap in the way energy was being provided. The Texas consumer had almost as many options to choose from as there were residents and businesses in the Lone Star State, but the level of service was not always as consistent as we thought it could be. There were many companies who appeared to offer low prices, but gouged customers if they used too much or too little electricity. Others locked their customers into contracts with hefty termination fees, or never let them speak to a live representative who was qualified to answer their questions. This inconsistency and unfriendliness isn’t the way that we think service should be provided, so we decided to do something about it.

Fair Pricing | People First


At VOLT, everything we do is oriented towards our customers. We believe your energy should stay consistent, so we designed power plans that are easy to understand and adaptable to your needs. Homes that are outfitted with the latest smart technology can take advantage of built-in evening discounts. Green-conscious customers can use renewable energy while maximizing home efficiency. Whatever your lifestyle, VOLT Signature Energy plans work daily to keep our customers off the rollercoaster of fluctuating, unpredictable rates with hidden fees.


Exceptional electricity service starts with specialists who are friendly and knowledgeable, and who love what they do. When you call VOLT, a real person is there to speak to you every time. From questions about usage to advice on new construction, our live experts are here to help. Meet the team that’s committed to you.


Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde
Favorite thing about VOLT: Love working with such a great team of people.

Kristee grew up on a farm in central Alberta, Canada, but she made it to Texas as fast as she could. Her years in the energy industry and business operations prowess have kept VOLT lean and agile, so we can focus on providing innovative and consistent electricity service to our customers.

MAULIN Partner

Favorite Movie: Anything by Stanley Kubrick
Favorite thing about VOLT: Maulin has worked for the energy industry for more than a decade.  He knew he could help build a company that could offer better customer experience and product.  Maulin also embraces new technologies, and through VOLT he helps customers get more from their electricity.

DAVID Partner

Favorite Movie: Tombstone
Favorite thing about VOLT:

David's years on the financial side of energy give VOLT the means to provide the fairest pricing in Texas. He works every day to ensure our customers receive the service they depend on to power their lives.

JEFF Financial Analyst

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favorite thing about VOLT: How innovative it is.

Jeff applies his highly analytical mind to help VOLT grow. He enjoys trying out new ideas and building systems that make it easier to efficiently serve our customers. VOLT's innovative approach and people-driven energy service has given Jeff the ability to make a difference.

KARIM Accounts Receivables

Favorite Movie: The Fifth Element
Favorite thing about VOLT: The great team.

Karim works closely with customers to overcome their energy challenges. She values open and honest communication, which is why she believes that VOLT's easy to understand usage plans are the best in the market. Our team's transparency in electricity service gives Karim the tools she needs to help her customers.

MIKE Customer Service Representative

Favorite Movie: Star Wars!!
Favorite thing about VOLT: Being a part of a growing company.

When Mike’s customers come to VOLT from their old provider, they are usually frustrated and looking for more dependable, transparent energy service. That's his time to shine. Mike feels out the gap in their knowledge and works to help his customers understand their energy. If they're new to the Texas heat, he gives them advice on how to keep cool while conserving energy.

RACHEL Customer Service Representative

Favorite Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite thing about VOLT: Talking to customers.

Helping people is Rachel's passion, and VOLT’s focus on people is her greatest asset. Rachel uses the resources VOLT provides to ensure her customers get the help they need when they're in a jam. Whatever her customers are facing, Rachel makes sure that VOLT is there.

SANDRA Accounting Manager

Favorite Movie: Titanic
Favorite thing about VOLT: Knowing that I was the first employee hired!

Sandra's accounting know-how helps VOLT customers get the energy they need. Originally from Mexico, her bilingual skills also ensure our customers are heard and understood when they have service questions. When she isn’t saving VOLT customers from the roller coaster of electricity usage, Sandra rescues animals and helps them find forever homes.

TESSA Customer Service Representative

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight
Favorite thing about VOLT: Meeting new people.

The most interesting thing Tessa learned when joining the team at VOLT was how each utility works with VOLT to provide electricity for customers. Understanding how these pieces affect the system means she knows exactly how to help the people she speaks to every day. With the VOLT team behind her, Tessa ensures her customers receive the best energy service.

UMREEN Operations

Favorite Movie: Friends (Yes, it’s a TV show. Deal with it.)
Favorite thing about VOLT: Helping to mold and grow the company

For Umreen, talking to customers is like talking to her friends. The trust they place in VOLT to provide electricity means there isn’t any room for roundabout answers. Helping people understand the way their energy works means being as transparent as possible, and being straightforward means that Umreen can guide customers towards the best solution for their needs.

CHARLES Marketing Director

Favorite Movie: Gladiator
Favorite thing about VOLT: Keeping the promise of fair pricing.

Charles has worked in the energy industry for more than 25 years, and is so Texan that he’s often mistaken for a Texas Ranger. His background spent trading in the industry has given him a keen mind for understanding how electricity works and he uses these skills to help VOLT ensure our commitment to fair pricing.

SUSAN Operations

Favorite Movie: It's a Wonderful Life
Favorite thing about VOLT: The team.

Susan sees the VOLT team as a community. They support each other and work together to provide their customers with consistent, reliable electricity. Time and again, VOLT’s commitment to transparent service has helped her answer every question her customers have. Susan takes pride in being able to help customers adapt their energy plans to meet the way they use electricity.

RYAN Customer Service Representative

Favorite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite thing about VOLT: Learning something new every day.

Ryan loves to educate his customers. To him, the more they know about how their electricity works, the easier it is for them to choose the best VOLT plan. When everything finally comes together and a customer gets power to their new home, Ryan chalks up another victory.


Our customers are our highest priority, and we're in business to prosper together.

Volt Electricity Provider Customer Since July 2015

"By the way, the electric deal is awesome. I was wondering what the 100+ temperatures would do to my realtime price exposure, but I just calculated it, and even though I switched to your index plan in late July (worst timing to do this, perhaps) it was still 2 cents lower than my last bill!"

Volt Electricity Provider Customer Since November 2015

"...we got my first bill today and for fun I went back to check - it’s the first time my energy charge was under the utility charge. TY!"


We’re excited to connect with you, to learn more about your needs, and to provide the best energy solution for your home or business.


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